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Naruto, the ranking of Naruto's strength in the past? , Naruto

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, that is, the question about Naruto, so the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce Naruto, let us take a look together. The ranking of Naruto's strength in the past dynasties? The ranking of Naruto's strength in the past dynasties? NO.7 Sixth Hokage · Hatake Kakashi  Hatake Kakashi has a very high popularity index in Naruto manga, and his strength is also very strong, but Kakashi, as a shadow-level ninja, always gives people a feeling that his strength is not enough I feel, and Kakashi became the candidate of the Sixth Hokage just because Konoha had no one to choose. It is undeniable that Kakashi, who had double kaleidoscopes during the Fourth Ninja World War, was super powerful, but he did not consider opening In the case of hanging, there is no suspense that Kakashi is at the bottom of the seven previous Hokages. NO.6 Five Generations of Hokage · Tsunade  Tsunade, as the legendary Sannin of Konoha Village, the granddaughter of the first generation of Hokage, the peak medical ninjutsu is already super powerful in the ninja world. Among the past Hokage, the strength is only stronger than Hatake Kakashi. NO.5 Three generations of Hokage · Sarutobi Hiruza Three generations of Hokage is known as the ninja professor of Konoha Village. He has five attributes of chakra, and can launch five attributes of ninjutsu at the same time. It is said that he can use more than a thousand kinds of ninjutsu. The three generations of Hokage in their youth showed relatively little strength, but even the three generations of Hokage at their peak had to be ranked in this position compared with the next four Hokages with various auras. NO.4 The Second Hokage Senjubama The second Hokage Senjumama is a ninja of the same period as the first generation Senjujuma. The ninja ability of the water escape system is extremely strong. It is known as "signing a contract with the sea". One is that a lot of forbidden techniques have been developed, including multiple shadow clones, filthy soil reincarnation, etc., and the fastest teleportation technique, Flying Thunder God. The second generation of Hokage may be stronger, but it is covered by the light of the first generation of Hokage. . NO.3 Fourth Hokage · Namikaze Minato The fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato is known as the yellow flash of Konoha, developed the spiral pill, improved the Flying Raijin of the second generation of Hokage, and can kill more than a hundred ninjas in an instant, The prestige of the fourth generation of Hokage in the ninja world should be second only to the first generation of Hokage, the god of ninjas. NO.2 Seventh Hokage · Uzumaki Naruto  Naruto has become the two strongest people in the entire ninja world from the "counterattack" at the end of the crane, and became the Seventh Hokage, known as the hero who saved the ninja world, as the Naruto manga It is no problem to rank first under the halo, but Naruto can only be ranked second without considering the cheating. NO.1 The first generation of Hokage · Senjuzhuma The first generation of Hokage is known as the god of the ninja world, quelling the troubled times, establishing the Konoha Ninja Village, and formulating the model of the Five Great Nations. Qianshou Zhujian has the body of a fairy, the only wood escapes the blood-stained boundary, and has strong defense against high blood and thick attacks. It is understandable that Zhujian's achievements and strength rank first. 3. The first Hokage of Senju Hashirama Konoha, the legendary god of ninjas, he has mastered Asura's Mudun, he can manipulate the Nine-Tails at will, and Hashirama's ninjutsu is too powerful, his Hanashukai was born God-level skills can easily trap Madara who has mastered Susano. Even facing Uchiha Madara in his heyday, Hashirama can directly kill Madara through powerful means such as the real thousand hands and the power of a sage. Killing, this shows how much water Hashirama put in when he was fighting Madara Lord back then! In the ninja world war, Hashirama also performed extraordinary. Not only did he easily control the ten tails, but he also defeated Madara, who has the eyes of reincarnation. For this man, I really can't think of how many cards he has! Although Senju Bashima is the god of ninjas, his peak state is definitely not as good as Kakashi and Naruto, so he can only be wronged and ranked third! 2. Kakashi may be dissatisfied by many friends, why is Kakashi ranked second in this 50-50 split? Don't forget, what I'm talking about this time is the peak state, Kakashi's peak state, but when he got Obito's double Kamui, because Obito became a Sage of the Six Paths, so after he was strengthened by the power of the Six Paths, Kakashi Obtaining Obito's dual divine power, that is to say, he has the power of the Six Paths at this time. After all, the power of the Six Paths is a watershed! Kakashi not only has the perfect body of Susanoo, but also researched Kamui Raikiri for the first time. Just this move made Kaguya paralyzed. What's more, his Susanoo directly surpassed Sasuke. It’s actually quite embarrassing to be in the second place, because his peak state is obtained by Obito. If he is compared with his own strength, he can only be the last crane tail... 1. Uzumaki Naruto, the seventh generation of Hokage, all The protagonist of the play, the reincarnation of Asura, has mastered an extremely powerful power. When he was in the fairy fox state, Naruto was already extremely powerful. After entering the Six Paths level, Naruto directly sealed Kaguya, and Uchiha Madara Defeat completely and become the hero who saves the ninja world! Naruto of the Six Paths has the power of the Six Paths in his body, as well as half of the Nine Tails and some Tailed Beast Chakra. In the Boruto biography, Naruto's Nine Tails are combined into one, and he has reached an unprecedented powerful state. He is said to be the most Strong Hokage, is there a problem? no problem! So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Naruto. I hope that the 1-point answer about Naruto will be useful to everyone.

Naruto, the ranking of Naruto's strength in the past? , Naruto

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