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Iraqi dates⟿Iraq jujube tree pictures

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This article tells you about Iraqi dates and the knowledge points corresponding to the pictures of Iraqi jujube trees. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. The difference between Iraqi dates and Xinjiang Aksu dates 2. Can Iraqi dates be planted? 3. The difference between Iraqi dates and Saudi dates 4. Are Iraqi dates processed? The difference between Iraqi dates and Xinjiang Aksu dates is imported The domestic Iraqi date palm is not a date, it is the fruit of a palm plant, but the fruit looks like a date. Iraqi dates, also known as dates, grow on a tree called date palms, not dates, and are a common local food. Same. Xinjiang date palms are the same as Iraqi date palms, but there are still some differences in the way of planting them, and the place of origin is different. Palm jujube, tree plant. Big evergreen tree. Also known as date palm, date palm, Iraqi candied date. Tropical important dried fruit. Pinnately compound leaves, dioecious, panicles, berries oblong. What is the difference between Iraqi dates and dates? In fact, there is no difference between Iraqi dates and dates, because dates are also called Iraqi dates. They are the same. They are mainly produced in the Middle East and are also grown in China. The price is more expensive than red dates. Nutritional value varies. The nutritional value and medicinal value of black dates are different. In terms of nutritional value, black dates may be higher. There are two types of dates, one is the yellow date and the other is the black date. According to the origin, there are Egyptian dates and Iranian dates. Yellow dates are smaller and sweeter than black dates. Can Iraqi date pits be planted? 1. Planting Iraqi date trees. Selecting a good cultivation garden has strong adaptability and is not strict on soil conditions. All regions can make full use of wasteland and saline-alkali land (the total salt content of the soil should not exceed 0.35%) for cultivation. 2. The berries are oblong, like jujubes. Living environment: The results of the tillering seedlings are early, and the characteristics of the mother plant can be maintained. It likes high temperature and low humidity. The temperature for fruiting must be above 28 degrees, and it can withstand low temperatures of -9 degrees. It is suitable for growth in most areas south of the Yellow River. 3. Date palms are planted all over Iraq, with the most in Basra and Babylon provinces. At present, there are about 100 million date palm trees in the world, and Iraq has about 70 million of them. 4. When jujube fruit was found to be rich in nutrition and rich in vitamin C and P, Yuanjun Fertilizer Union, the United States, etc. have begun to devote themselves to the cultivation research of jujube. In addition to the above-mentioned countries, countries and regions that cultivate jujube include North Korea, South Korea, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Australia, etc. 5. Yes. It is recommended to put it in a warm place to facilitate its growth. Jujube trees can be cultivated during the entire dormant period from leaf fall to germination in the second year, which can be divided into spring planting and autumn planting. The difference between Iraqi dates and Saudi dates 1. Saudi dates are good. Relatively speaking, Saudi dates are tougher than Iraqi dates, while Iranian dates are softer and tender, but Saudi dates have a sweet and fruity taste. Saudi dates are larger and more regular in shape than Iraqi dates, while Iranian dates are looser in shape and irregular in size. 2. The sugar juice leached from Iran's premium Persian dates is coagulated to make it sticky, sweet but not greasy, and the meat is soft and rotten, which is delicious. It can also be cooked, and the cooked jujube is sweet and noodle. Don't look at it, it looks a bit like the candied dates we often eat. But it is grown naturally, without any processing. 3. Iraqi candied dates are golden yellow and very sticky, but not sticky to the teeth. Its jujube core is oblong, with two pointed ends, and there is a groove on the core, so the jujube core and jujube meat are easy to separate. In addition, the candied dates of this origin are soft and chewy, and the taste is very sweet. 4. They are all the same, because Iraq has the highest output, so it is generally called Iraqi dates. It is produced in many places in the Middle East. Wherever there is a large temperature difference between morning and evening, the ones that come out are very, very sweet. Generally, it can be eaten after drying, just like candied fruit, without much processing. This is a very natural and environmentally friendly food, do not boil it. 5. Origin Iraqi dates: Iraqi dates are produced in Iraq and are the fruit of a palm plant. Xinjiang dates are mainly produced in the United Arab Emirates, Arabia, Iran and other Middle East regions, as well as Iraqi dates in my country's Xinjiang. Appearance: Iraqi dates turn yellow when ripe, but lower quality dates may have an uneven tan color. 6. Date palm trees are resistant to drought, alkali, heat and humidity. History of the date palm The date palm has a long history of cultivation in the Arab region, covering almost all Arab countries. The Bedouin people in ancient Arabia used dates as their main food, not only used in daily life, but also indispensable on the way of camel long journeys. Are Iraqi dates processed? Dates are not processed with sugar, they are grown naturally without any processing. Date palm is actually the fruit of the date palm tree, mainly in Yunnan, Guangdong, the Middle East and other regions. Among them, Iraq has the highest yield, so it is also called Iraqi date. Dates contain a lot of vitamins and fructose. Dates are not processed with sugar. Date palm itself has a high sugar content, about 70%, and is the raw material for sugar making. It can be made into various candies and advanced syrups. Dates that are too sweet are not processed. Date palm is actually the fruit of the date palm tree, mainly in Yunnan, Guangdong, and the Middle East. The Cuban dates imported in 2010 are native. I found it on the official website of Cuban dates, not processed. The sweetness of Iraqi dates is natural, not post-processing. It has such a high sweetness. Dates are the main fruit in the Middle East, also known as For food and fruit. This concludes the introduction of Iraqi dates and pictures of Iraqi date trees. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Iraqi dates⟿Iraq jujube tree pictures

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