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Wu Linlin, how about Jiushi Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.? , Wu Linlin Guoxin Financial Holdings Qingdao University

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about Wu Linlin, so the editor has compiled a related introduction to Wu Linlin's answer, let us together Let's see. How about Jiushi Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.? How about Jiushi Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.? Jiushi Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was established in December 2016 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. The company's business scope includes: financial leasing business; leasing business; purchase of leased property at home and abroad; residual value processing and maintenance of leased property; lease transaction consulting and guarantee; commercial factoring business related to the main business, etc. Jiushi Leasing focuses on urban operations, transportation and logistics, high-end manufacturing, green energy, cultural tourism and other sunrise industries, giving full play to industry advantages, based on business products with core competitiveness, and guaranteed by a sound risk management system. Create a "market-oriented, professional and differentiated" financial leasing company with industry influence. Jiushi Leasing adheres to the business philosophy of "finance + industry", supports large, medium and small production enterprises through financial products such as direct lease, after-sale leaseback, and commercial factoring, and provides solutions for their capital operation, and actively explores "financing The business model of "leasing + commercial factoring" enriches the financing channels of enterprises, optimizes the financial structure of enterprises, realizes the win-win development of the company and customers, and provides efficient and professional financial services for real enterprises and the real economy. Relying on the strong shareholder background of Qingdao Guoxin Development (Group) Co., Ltd., Jiushi Leasing actively responds to national policies, conforms to market development trends, serves the real economy, and conducts business cooperation with many listed companies and state-owned enterprises, which greatly enhances Jiushi Leasing Industry influence of leasing. Since its establishment, the compound growth rate of its assets has exceeded 50%. In the journey of "Second Entrepreneurship" of Guoxin Group, it is determined to rank among the first echelons of the domestic financial leasing industry. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Wu Linlin. I hope that the one-point answer about Wu Linlin will be useful to everyone.

Wu Linlin, how about Jiushi Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.? , Wu Linlin Guoxin Financial Holdings Qingdao University

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