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Online children's games➻Online children's games recommendation

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This article will talk about online children's games and the knowledge points corresponding to online children's games recommendation. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to bookmark This site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. Intellectual games for children aged 4 to 5 2. Interactive games for children's families 3. Recommend several free games for children around 5 years old Intellectual game for 5-year-old children 1 A small game to develop children's intelligence Escape from the international airport A puzzle game. 2. I am a little pilot, this intellectual game for children can exercise children's muscle endurance and strengthen children's understanding of space. 3. Puzzle games played by 1-year-old babies: imitate small animals, divide colors, throw small balls, magical treasure chest, touch. 4. "Defend Carrot 3" Defend Carrot 3 is a casual puzzle game with a very fresh style of painting. In this game, players can change their own radish rice and invite friends to play together. The gameplay is also very simple. Just tap the screen, especially suitable for 4-year-old children to play together. Interactive games for kids and families Classic games Interactive has some classic games such as rock paper scissors, skipping rope, square squares and more that both kids and parents will love. A complete collection of interactive parent-child games A pillow fight: Dad puts a pillow on his head or stomach, and the baby rushes to dad with a pillow to see if he can knock him down. If you can't rush down, the child will make a second and third attack. Games for the whole family include riddles, puzzle competitions and family cooking competitions. Guess the idiom: This game is suitable for children and adults to participate together. When the game starts, everyone writes down an idiom and folds it to the middle. Outdoor sports game. Outdoor exercise can both exercise the body and enhance family interaction, and playing outdoor games can increase physical coordination. Such as ball games, chasing games, etc., and activities such as picnics, camping, camping, etc. can also be organized. Parent-child mental games. Recommend several free games for children around 5 years old 1. Games for children aged 5 or 6 2 Space sand toys Space sand is also called moon sand or Martian sand, which means that adhesives, moisturizers and other ingredients are added to the clay. A kind of toy sand that can be played by children. The sand can be designed and shaped according to the baby's sense of touch and shaping ability, which can cultivate the baby's color recognition and shaping ability. 2. Blowing bubbles This is an ancient game. Make dilute soapy water, dip it in a straw and blow it. Blow individual bubbles and ask child to think about what this looks like. Generally, a 3-year-old child can name about 5 things like a ball, like the sun, and like a button. 3. Parent-child games played at home at the age of 2. The first, the advanced version of peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek is very popular with babies aged 1-3. After the children start to learn to speak, they can play more difficult games with them. The scope has expanded. When children were young, they had no imagination and would only hide behind doors. 4. "Children's Coloring and Drawing" For five-year-old children, drawing is an important way to improve intelligence. This game can provide five-year-old children with drawing tools. The game content is very rich and can meet children's drawing needs. Search for "mini games" in the mobile phone's built-in browser or Baidu (), and enter the official website to play the game. There are many games in China, such as: World War II Frontline. King of Fighters series. Oya light. Fire Elite. Delusional mountains and seas. Start a business after the 1980s. Stickman Escape Diary. Naruto series and more. First, enter "mini game" in Baidu, and click to open its webpage on the search result page. Click to enter the home page of the mini game website. On the home page of the mini game website, we can find the "Save to Desktop" option at the top, and click the "Save to Desktop" option after finding it. Notebook games can’t be played, it shows that the plug-in is not supported. Click on the first line to enter the official website. Enter Aura Star in the input field above the official website and click Search. Open your mobile browser, enter "" in the website name or search, and proceed to the next step. Click "" game official website in the new pop-up interface to enter the next step. After entering the website, click "Category" and choose the game you want to play. Mini-games mainly have the following types of gameplay: Casual puzzles: such as Xiaoxiaokan, Lianliankan, Sokoban, etc., which require players to think and observe, and complete the task of the game through continuous trying and thinking. This is the end of the introduction about online children's games and online children's games recommendation. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Online children's games➻Online children's games recommendation

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