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Silver td market ➺Silver td market center

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This article will talk about the silver td market and the corresponding knowledge points of the silver td market center. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. How to calculate the price limit of silver TD 2. How to judge the timing of entering the market of silver T+D? 3. How to liquidate the silver TD? What does it mean, what does T stand for, and what does D stand for? How to calculate the price limit of silver TD? The value generated by comparing the latest transaction price (or closing price) of the current trading day with the closing price of the previous trading day. This value is generally expressed as a percentage. The price limit refers to a certain range of rise or fall based on the settlement price on a certain trading day. Quotations exceeding this range will be considered invalid and cannot be traded. The silver td price limit is currently 12%, and it is generally only on big festivals like the five national day Subject to change. The range of the price limit has two forms: percentage and fixed amount. The trading unit is 1000 grams/lot (the starting point of the transaction is 1 lot); the service fee rate is 8/10,000; the transaction margin rate is 15% of the contract value; the daily price limit is the settlement price of the previous trading day ±7% of (adjusted according to the situation). The daily limit of the silver td market cannot go up on the same day. If the international gold has a large increase on the day, then the TD will rise again at the opening of the next day. Gold and silver T+D: You can buy up and down, and you can make money regardless of ups and downs; you can buy and sell on the same day, or you can hold it for a long time; margin trading, only 11% of the funds can be fully invested, and the capital utilization rate is high. The ups and downs are based on the price of the silver td market you commissioned at that time and the direction of the order. If the current market price is 4 yuan and you are bullish to buy, then when the market price rises to 8 yuan, you will earn 4 yuan if you sell it. But if it does not rise but falls from 4 yuan to 3 yuan, then if you sell it, you will lose 1 yuan, and you can continue to hold it and wait for the opportunity to rise before selling it. Stocks can be bought and sold when the daily limit is reached, and sales at the daily limit are executed immediately. The mainland stock market implements the t+1 rule. To put it simply, what is bought on the same day cannot be sold, and cannot be reversed on the same day. If the daily limit is bought on the same day, it cannot be sold on the same day. If it was previously held, it can be sold. How to judge the timing of entering the market of silver T+D? Silver t+d mainly depends on the K-line chart. Look at the K-line chart, look at the 5-minute K-line for short-term, 60-minute K-line, and the antenna chart for the daily line. Based on experience, sometimes the silver t+d hourly chart is strong, but the trend of gold and silver can drive silver t after the market closes. The direction of +d, so two-way observation is required. The first buying point: the moving average gradually flattens or rises from the decline, and the price crosses the moving average from bottom to top, which is a buying signal. When the moving average changes from falling to flat or rising, it means that the downward momentum of the price has weakened. If the price breaks the moving average, it confirms the upward momentum of the price, indicating that the short-term upward adjustment will be strengthened. Focus on understanding the specific regulations of London Gold, Paper Silver, and Shanghai Gold Exchange's T+D; analyze your own investment style and degree of risk tolerance: formulate investment plans; simulate operations. Form your own style and set iron discipline; learn more, communicate more, and the flow of water is long, and it is easy to slow down. How to liquidate silver TD? If it falls to 3300, it will not be liquidated. When it falls to 3300, the account equity will only be 2500 yuan (10000-(3800-3300)*15), and it will be liquidated when it falls to about 3130 , but in most cases it will be liquidated before the position is liquidated. Buy in and do long, sell at 7200. Then the gross profit is 200. In the same way, silver t+d buys short at 7000, buys at 6800 to close the position, and the gross profit is also 200. Long-term investment: It is suitable for investors who do not have time to pay attention to the market. Generally, long-term investment refers to the holding time calculated in years. Mid-line investment: It is suitable for investors who pay less attention to the market time. Generally, the mid-line refers to the holding time calculated in months. The smallest silver TD transaction is one lot, and one lot of silver TD is 1 kilogram. According to the current price, the minimum 1,000 yuan can be used to speculate in silver TD. For novices, set a little less profit for each transaction, don't be greedy, proper practice can exercise judgment and decision-making ability. How much is a lot of silver td? 1. Then the silver td market, at this time the silver td market, the handling fee required is the silver td market: when buying (4000 yuan * handling fee 8/10,000) + when selling (4500 * handling fee 8/10,000) = 6.8 yuan. This is the cost of one lot, and it needs to be multiplied by 5 for 5 lots, which is 34 yuan. 2. Main business processes and links such as transaction fund settlement and customer margin account management. Trading margin rate: 18% of the contract value The gold exchange will increase or decrease the margin rate according to market fluctuations. A margin of about 800 yuan is required for a lot of silver, and a margin of about 50,000 yuan is required for a lot of gold. 3. The trading unit of silver is 15 kilograms per lot, and the margin rate is 7%. Assuming that the latest price of silver 1812 is 3750 yuan/kg, then the margin of one lot of silver is about = 1 lot*7%*3750 yuan/ton* 15 kg/lot = 3938 yuan; the calculation method of the above margin is applicable to any futures variety. 4. Now the margin for a lot of silver is 20%. The current price is 6875 yuan per 1000 grams. 20% of 6875 yuan is the margin, which is about 1300 yuan. For the silver td market, you can add a part of the active capital of about 500 yuan, then you can A better deal. What do gold TD and silver TD mean, what does T stand for, and what does D stand for? TD has gold T+D and silver T+D. Gold TD is also called gold extension, and silver TD is also called silver extension. The trading code of gold TD is Au(T+D), and the trading code of silver TD is Ag(T+D). Precious metal T+D refers to a standardized contract for delivery of a certain amount of subject matter at a specific time and place in the future. Gold/silver td business refers to gold/silver T+D, also known as gold/silver extension. Silver td means silver TD, then T: stands for trade (transaction, delivery), D: stands for date (time, cycle, date), T+D means "trade + cycle", then TD means "deferred delivery" . This is the end of the introduction of the silver td market. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about the silver td market center and the silver td market, don’t forget to search on this site.

Silver td market ➺Silver td market center

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