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AVIC Stock➺Historical Quotes of AVIC Stock

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This article will talk about AVIC Stock and the knowledge points corresponding to the historical market of AVIC Stock. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget Bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. How many additional stocks were issued by AVIC 2. A list of AVIC stocks 3. Explosion, 11.58 million hands were sealed daily limit, nearly twice the circulating market! Who is the next AVIC 4. How does AVIC make progress to the old Shareholders additionally issue shares 5. What is Mingpai Electric Measurement? Securities companies conduct non-public offerings of stocks, and the proposed fundraising does not exceed 1.5 billion yuan, and the number of issued stocks does not exceed 3.4 billion shares. The price of this non-public offering is 41 yuan per share, a premium of no more than 20% over the previous closing price. First, take the total number of shares of AVIC as the total number of private placements. Secondly, 33% of the total subscription by AVIC Group is the relative shareholder, and the AVIC Group, including industry and finance and other series of concerted actors, subscribes 33%, and the total number of 67% becomes the absolute shareholder. Although the company's specific plan for additional issuance and acquisition has not yet been announced, according to the calculation of "listed companies based on the proportion of social equity in the total equity of not less than 10%" by securities companies, the maximum number of shares issued this time is 2.6 billion shares, combined with the company's stock price and Chengfei Group. Market value, etc., analysts predict that the upside of AVIC is about 4-6 times. List of AVIC Stocks 1. During this period of time, I have been paying attention to the concept sector of AVIC. The current investment value is relatively low. The stocks involved are 002419 Texhong, 000043 AVIC Shanda, 600893 Aviation Power and so on. 2. North International: Wanbao, the controlling shareholder of the company, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China North Industries Corporation. North Industries is mainly engaged in the import and export of weapons and equipment and technology. Its shareholders are China North Industries Group Corporation and China South Industries Group Corporation, each holding 50% equity. 3. Zhonghang Optoelectronics (002179): Electrical connectors, 40% of which are used in aviation, and the rest are used in railways, electric power, and telecommunications. AVIC, aviation products and other products. Guihang shares (600523): auto parts. Guihang Group, general aircraft and machinery. 4. It’s AVIC Black Panther, I’ll give you a picture, you can take a look at the other 18 AVIC stocks, if the answer is satisfactory, please accept it! Your acceptance is the motivation for me to continue answering questions. Explosive, 11.58 million lots sealed daily limit, nearly twice as much as the circulating market! Who is the next Avionics? Avionics performed brilliantly in early trading today, with a daily limit of 20cm. Twice, the buying funds are close to 15 billion yuan. As of the close of the morning, the stock still has more than 7.18 million orders. The next AVIC will be organized by Putian Aviation Co., Ltd., a paid space travel service company. Paid space travel is a brand-new tourism model that combines civil space travel with urban tourists, and uses high-tech, high-end private jet flight and space leisure industry technology to provide diversified services for the target audience. Generally speaking, stocks whose daily limit is closed at the opening of the market have a strong momentum. As long as the daily limit is not opened on the same day, they still have upward momentum on the second day. Line of suspicion, should be careful. If the simple small order is blocked, it proves that most of the chips are in the hands of a few people. How Avionics will issue additional shares to old shareholders billion shares. The price of this non-public offering is 41 yuan per share, a premium of no more than 20% over the previous closing price. The specific process is as follows: First, the board of directors makes a resolution. The resolution made by the board of directors on the listed company's application for securities issuance shall include the following items: the plan for this additional issuance of shares; the feasibility report on the use of the funds raised this time; the report on the use of the funds raised in the previous period; and other matters that must be specified. Submitted to the general meeting of shareholders for approval. Financing method: The company can increase its capital and share by purchasing the equity held by it from the original shareholders and issuing new shares to other investors. Completion of announcement and filing: the company needs to make an announcement and filing to the relevant state departments in a timely manner, and announce relevant information on capital increase and share expansion on the statutory media. Allotment of shares to shareholders means that when a joint stock company issues additional shares, the old shareholders are allocated the right to subscribe for new shares of the company in a certain proportion, allowing them to preferentially subscribe for new shares according to a certain allotment price. Allotment of shares to a third party means that the company sells new stocks to employees other than shareholders, the company's current customer bank and specific personnel with friendly relations. If the number of shares issued by a listed company is too large and it is difficult for one securities company to underwrite, several securities companies can jointly underwrite. 2. Consignment distribution method. It is issued by the listed company itself, and only a securities company is entrusted to sell it on its behalf. The securities company sells the securities on an agency basis and only charges a certain agency fee from the listed company. The total number of new shares issued by AVIC Electronics is 90 million shares, of which 80 million new shares are issued by the securities issuer. AVIC Electronic Measurement raised about 2.6 billion yuan in this issuance, which was used to improve the capital structure of AVIC Electronic Measurement. Mingpai refers to the winning numbers predicted by the media or "informed people" or even psychics before the lottery draws. In stock market trading, some well-informed people understand the company's internal operating conditions and whisper to close relatives, also known as Mingpai. Military concept stock 1: AOP Optoelectronics (002338) is one of the main domestic manufacturers of national defense photoelectric measurement and control equipment. Changchun Aopu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise funded by five shareholders including Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guangdong Fenghua High-tech Co., Ltd. Now it is also called "Shen Technology, stock code 00002 Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of anti-static and dust-free series products. The company strictly follows the ESD standard and the requirements of ISO9001: 2000 quality certification. The turnover rate refers to the frequency of stock trading in the market within a certain period of time, and is an indicator that reflects the liquidity of the stock. Calculation method: turnover rate = (trading volume within a certain period of time / total number of shares issued) × 100 % The low turnover rate indicates that both long and short sides have basically the same views, and the stock price will generally trade sideways or drop slightly due to sluggish trading. How about AVIC Electronic Measurement Instrument Co., Ltd.? 1. Do you want to ask "Xi'an AVIC Electronic Measurement Is it worth going?"? Worth it. The working environment of Xi'an Zhonghang Electronic Measurement Factory is good, and it provides five insurances, one housing fund and various welfare benefits. The fixed working hours of Xi'an Zhonghang Electrical Measurement Factory are 8 hours a day, and there will be no mandatory overtime. 2. The company's operating status: AVIC Electronic Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. is currently in the opening state. The company is listed on the A-share market. The company has 3 intellectual property rights and 54 bidding projects. 3. The company's operating status is low. AVIC Electronic Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. , is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of weighing sensors, force sensors and other equipment control products and Internet of Things applications and other military and civilian measurement and control products and system solutions. Due to the low operating conditions of the company, employee treatment Very low. This is the end of the introduction to the historical quotations of AVIC stocks and AVIC stocks. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

AVIC Stock➺Historical Quotes of AVIC Stock

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