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Sudoku game ➻ Sudoku game Jiugongge

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This article will talk about Sudoku game and the corresponding knowledge points of Sudoku game Jiugongge. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to bookmark this site. List of contents of this article: 1. How to play Sudoku game? 2. How to play Sudoku game Jiugongge 3. How to play Sudoku game? Linked division. Find the same number in two rows of the three parallel nine-square grids, and then use the nine-square grid to find the position of the number in the other row. This method is suitable for intermediate and advanced Sudoku. The technique of playing Sudoku is as follows: At the beginning of the game, start filling in the row with more numbers, and fill in all possible numbers in combination with the row or column corresponding to the blank. Such a method can gradually introduce the correct number, and it is not easy to miss the solution. Use the "backtracking method". When there is an error or jam in the process of filling in the number, it is necessary to go back to the previous step and change the previous selection. The backtracking method is an important skill for solving problems in the Sudoku game. It needs continuous practice to improve one's observation and analysis skills. One: Sudoku gameplay. There are many ways to play Sudoku, and the more common one is Jiugongge. There are also modified Sudoku, including Diagonal Sudoku, Zigzag Sudoku, Killer Sudoku (also known as Killer Sudoku), etc. Two: the rules of Sudoku. The only solution: If there are 8 cells filled with numbers in a row, then the remaining numbers in the row are only the ones that have not yet appeared. The basic elimination method is the most commonly used in the intuitive method, and the unit elimination method is to find the only position in a certain unit where a certain number can be added. The skills of playing Sudoku are divided into two types of thinking, one is the method of elimination, and the other is the method of uniqueness. The method of elimination is a method of solving problems by using the rule that the numbers 1-9 can only appear once in each row, each column, and each nine-square grid. It can be divided into row exclusion, column exclusion, and nine-square grid exclusion. How to play Sudoku game Jiugongge Unique candidate number method: If there is only one number that can be filled in a small grid, row or column, then the number is correct. Cross-exclusion method: If a number only appears in one small grid, row or column, then the number can only be filled in a grid in this small grid, row or column. Wear nine shoes and one. Left three right seven. Two or four have shoulders. Eighty-six is sufficient. Five in the center. There are two ways to play Jiugongge: the first one is on the 3×3 grid plate, which is to place eight small wooden blocks from 1 to 8 randomly, and the numbers around each space can be moved to the space. The skills and rules of Jiugong Sudoku are as follows: Mnemonic method: To play Jiugongge, it is very important to master some formulas, such as 4 for shoulders, 8 for feet, up, 9, down, left, 7 and right, 3. To sum up, it is 2975618. Formula Method Space Sudoku belongs to the digital intelligence puzzle game. It can be combined with formulas, so that the number is the center of the number with twice the result with half the effort. Slope N-1, n, n=1, so the sum of the numbers in each row is 3N. The formula method can use formula 4 for shoulders, 8 for feet, up and down 9, 1 for left, 7 for left and 3 for right. Game rules Number reading map Jiugongge is a 9*9 grid map, in which each small square corresponds to a number or symbol. Game players need to arrange the correct Sudoku according to the rules of the game based on these numbers and symbols. Sudoku each puzzle consists of a 4x4 or 6x6 grid with hint numbers given at different positions. The object of the game Sudoku is to fill the empty squares with numbers 1 to 4 (for 4x4 puzzles) or 1 to 6 (for 6x6 puzzles) so that each row, column and house There are no repeated numbers. Use the method of elimination and unique method to play Jiugongge. The basic principle of Jiugongge is that each Jiugong contains a number from 1 to 9 and only one number, only once in each row and column (cannot be repeated). Jiugong grid is a nine palaces, and each palace is divided into nine small grids. Sudoku is a logic game that uses paper and pen to perform calculations. Players need to deduce the numbers of all the remaining spaces based on the known numbers on the 9*9 board, and satisfy that the numbers in each row, each column, and each thick line palace (3*3) contain 1-9, without repetition . Hole-digging Sudoku game: a question-making method from existence to non-existence. Make a final game first, and then dig out part of the numbers to form a question. Number-filling Sudoku game: a method of making questions from scratch. Fill in some numbers on an empty disk to form a problem. The rule of the Sudoku game is to fill 1~9 into the 9x9 disk, so that each row, each column, and each thick line palace (3x3) are not repeated. Rows: Horizontal rows, from top to bottom are the 1st to 9th rows, denoted as R1~R9 or r1~r9. Sudoku game method: The puzzle is a square shape of a nine-square grid, and each grid is subdivided into a nine-square grid. In each small nine-square grid, fill in numbers from 1 to 9, so that the numbers in each column and row of the entire big nine-square grid are not repeated. The logic of Sudoku is simple, and the arrangement of numbers is ever-changing. This is the end of the introduction about Sudoku game and Sudoku game Jiugongge. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Sudoku game ➻ Sudoku game Jiugongge

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