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A brief introduction to Paipai live broadcast

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This article will talk about Paipai live broadcast and the corresponding knowledge points. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. Article catalog: 1. What should I do if I kicked my apprentice out of the room with Pai Pai voice? You accidentally kicked your apprentice out of the room, how do you pull it back... 2. Where are there so many Pai Pai and Zhuan Zhuan in Douyin live broadcast? More than 90% of them are new Mobile phone? 3. How to sing in Pai Pai voice? 4. How to start live broadcast in Pai Pai voice? 5. How to live broadcast if you buy a wig? Come back... Open the Pai Pai Voice and Pai Pai Live, click "Pai Pai Live My" Pai Pai Live, click "Backyard" on the personal homepage, and then click "Release Relationship". Put the mouse in the middle of the left border of the live broadcast (there is a small triangle, if you don’t look carefully), click, and the channel list will come out, and then you can click wherever you want to jump. It takes 24 hours to re-enter the room and be pulled back by the administrator or the owner. First, turn on the phone and enter tt voice. Second, click "Call Teammate". Third, click "Arrange" at the bottom, and the system will match it for you. How can there be so many mobile phones that are more than 90% new in the Douyin live broadcast? It is best not to buy the Paipai of a certain website. There are many scammers on it, and there are many cases of refurbished phones that are not delivered after payment. If you buy second-hand The first choice is salted fish. It is best to trade and inspect the machine in the same city, or find a reputable seller to trade. Huaqiangbei mobile phone market. Douyin is a music creative short video social software incubated by ByteDance. 99 new Apple phones are selected from the Huaqiangbei mobile phone market, and then listed on Douyin for sale. The quality of mobile phones that have just been unpacked on the Zhuanzhuan platform varies, including the following types: (1) The inventory of mobile phone dealers. The production volume of some mobile phones is relatively large. As time goes by, the configuration of mobile phones begins to lag behind in all aspects, and it is difficult to sell new phones, so they will be sold as second-hand 99% new. Generally, they are collected from individuals, and most of them are collected from Huaqiangbei stalls. Second-hand mobile phones refer to mobile phones that are eliminated when users upgrade, usually have certain functional problems or aging, but are not completely broken. There are more and more old mobile phones left unused at home, and I want to throw away these old mobile phones. How to sing in Pai Pai Voice? 1. Firstly, on the main page of the opened software, click the voice room below. Then, in the opened page, click the voice room of the music. Then in the open room, sing on demand. Finally, in the singing page that opens, you can click on the song to sing, and you can sing. 2. Open PaiPai voice, click the voice room below to enter. Select the voice room of the music, click on the song you want to sing, and then click on the song you want to sing. Find a song you like, choose some songs. Return to the previous page, click Apply to be on the mic, and wait for the host to agree to sing. 3. Click the voice room to enter the Pai Pai voice, and click the voice room below. Click on the voice room Click on the voice room of the music. Click on the song to sing Click on the song to sing below. How to start the live broadcast of Pai Pai Voice The operation steps of the live broadcast are as follows: 1) Open the Douyin software (APP) Pai Pai Live, find [Me] in the lower right corner, and click it. 2) In the upper right corner of the personal account information page, find the three horizontal bars and click it. 3) Find [Settings] at the bottom of the Paipai Live page, and click it. The method of opening Kuaishou voice live broadcast is actually very simple. After successfully applying for the live broadcast permission, users need to click the button in the upper right corner of the homepage to enter the shooting page, and then open the live broadcast interface to set the cover and title. A new talent auction game has been added to the "One-shot" room of the Paipai voice app. Each user will add a potential value attribute. The auction will be held through Shangmai to show talent. Bosses can use diamonds to bid. The auctioneer will become the boss' "worker". Method/step Click on the voice room to enter Paipai voice, click on the voice room below. Please click to enter the picture description Click on the voice room Click on the voice room of the music. Please click to enter the picture description, click on the song to sing, and click on the song to sing below. How do you do a live broadcast when buying wigs? To sell things, you need to go to a professional live broadcast platform, such as Red Bean Live. It is a live broadcast platform with e-commerce attributes. 2. Most entertainment live broadcasts do not allow you to sell things, otherwise you may be blocked if you broadcast live. For the live broadcast of selling wigs, you can find more models, with different face shapes, different age levels, and try on several wigs, so that everyone can have a particularly intuitive impression. It is very important when choosing a wig model. Before the live broadcast, you have to try it on repeatedly and observe the effect. Mainly engaged in wig products, Douyin live broadcast shows wigs on display and guides customers to place orders. Cooperate with the editor-director's requirements and shoot a pre-announcement video that meets the content. With a professional operation team and pre-sales and after-sales service, we will strive to create an excellent wig anchor. Need to fill in the correct information. Enter the personal center, click on my room above, and then sign up to be an anchor. Finally, you must submit your own detailed information, including ID card, mobile phone number, real name, etc. Wait for the notification after submitting. That’s all for the introduction of Paipai Live. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about Paipai Live.

A brief introduction to Paipai live broadcast

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