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Print out pictures of Longjing tea (beautiful pictures of Longjing tea)

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This article will talk about printing out pictures of Longjing tea and the knowledge points corresponding to beautiful pictures of Longjing tea. I hope it will be helpful to everyone , don't forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. How to identify good or bad Longjing tea like the tribute brand? 2. How to make Longjing tea 3. The West Lake Longjing tea you just bought, please verify its authenticity! 4. Is this Longjing tea fine or moldy? Ah? 5. What kind of tea does Longjing tea belong to? What does it look like? 6. Who can tell me the history of Longjing tea and the relevant pictures I picked? How to identify good or bad Longjing tea like Gong brand? Identify good Longjing tea You can smell the fragrance of the tea. Good-quality Longjing tea will exude a fresh and strong orchid fragrance after brewing. The aroma of poor-quality Longjing tea will not appear strong and mellow after brewing, and there are even pictures of other Longjing teas showing its miscellaneous aroma. The picture of appearance Longjing tea is printed out: Good Gong brand Longjing tea leaves are emerald green in color, thin and straight, neat in shape, with high gloss leaves, free of impurities and broken leaves. The bad Gong brand Longjing tea has dull color, strong cords, irregular shape, low gloss of leaves, and there may be impurities and broken leaves. The color of authentic West Lake Longjing dry tea is not "green with yellow", but "yellow with green", commonly known as "brown rice yellow". The high-grade Shifeng Longjing brown beige is bright in color; and the yellow and green colors are naturally blended, not the green of the so-called green tea. The production method of Longjing tea 1. After the fresh leaves are harvested, they should be thinly spread in a clean and cool place for about 3-5 hours, so that they lose 1-20% of the water, and then processed. The picture of frying Longjing tea is printed: Longjing tea has different fresh leaves, old and tender, so the gestures and steps of frying are also different. Killing (green pot): also known as fried green or fried head green. 2. The Longjing tea that has been spread out should be finalized and the picture of Longjing tea will be printed out. This is also the process of finalization and preliminary shaping. 3. Spreading: The picked fresh leaves are thinly spread indoors, with a thickness of about 1 cm. After being spread for more than 2 hours, part of the water is volatilized, the green grass smell is released, the tea fragrance is enhanced, the bitter taste is reduced, the amino acid content is increased, and the freshness is improved, so that the fried West Lake Longjing tea has a smooth appearance and emerald green color. 4. The entire production process of West Lake Longjing tea is exquisite and delicate, and it is all done by hand. Generally, the production of West Lake Longjing tea needs to go through nine processes such as spreading, green pot, resurgence, bright pot, sieving, long head, stacking, and ash collection, among which the two processes of "green pot" and "brilliant pot" are the whole process. The focus and key of the speculation industry. Just bought West Lake Longjing tea, please verify its authenticity! There are three key points in purchasing and drinking authentic West Lake Longjing tea: Find the certificate of origin of West Lake Longjing tea. Each type of West Lake Longjing tea produced in the protected area is equipped with a corresponding certificate of origin, which is divided into two types: a green color is pasted on the raw tea produced and sold by tea farmers in the protected area of origin of West Lake Longjing tea. Determine the dryness of tea leaves. Randomly pick a picture of a piece of dry Longjing tea, type it out, put it between your thumb and forefinger and twist it vigorously to form a powder, then the dryness is sufficient; if it is small pieces, the dryness is not enough, or the tea has absorbed moisture. Tea leaves with insufficient dryness are more difficult to store, and the aroma is not high at the same time. How to identify West Lake Longjing tea? To identify color, green and dry, look at the shape of the tea leaves to identify the weight of the tea leaves and whether the workmanship is good or bad. The content includes tenderness, wholeness, color, clarity, etc. Generally, West Lake Longjing tea is flat and smooth, straight and sharp, even and tidy, and the color is emerald green and fresh. If you buy tea through other channels such as direct transactions with tea farmers, there is a good way to identify whether the tea is authentic: check whether the picture of Longjing tea is directly pasted on the packaging bag, and the anti-counterfeiting place of origin is printed, and whether it is pasted according to the quantity of tea purchased. number of flags. May I ask if this is Longjing tea or is it moldy? 1. That’s tea hair. The picture of Longjing tea is printed, the better the picture of Longjing tea is. The more tea leaves there are, it is not moldy. . Let me introduce the picture of Longjing tea to you: Chahao is a layer of fine fluff growing on the back of the tea buds, which turns white after drying. Rich in amino acids, it is the source of the umami of tea soup. If the tea leaves are stored for too long, the fluff will be lost and the nutrition will decrease. 2. It's not moldy, it's tea; you can drink it. Tea hair is the fine fluff on the tip of tea buds, also called tea hair, which is rich in nutrients such as theanine and tea polyphenols. This indicator is used as an important indicator of tea tenderness in many cases. Generally speaking, the tenderer the fresh leaves, the more tea leaves. 3. Some tea leaves have been stored for too long, and fluff-like things appear on the tea leaves, which may be moldy and inedible. 4. It is impossible to judge whether the tea is moldy by the appearance, but you need to smell the tea. The pictures of Longjing tea are typed out: no musty or sour taste; the feeling of touching the tea: judge whether the water content exceeds 5%, and the feeling is dry, crisp and firm. The stalks and leaves are broken with a crisp sound; tea tasting inscription: plump, thick and smooth, full-bodied, avoid "bitterness" and "lightness". 5. Odor: If the tea leaves are moldy, it means that the degree of aging is relatively heavy. Such tea leaves will smell relatively stale and musty, and some even smoke outside when the package is opened. If the tea leaves If it is fresh, if it is pekoe, it will smell fresher. What kind of tea does Longjing tea belong to? What does it look like? 1. Longjing tea is green tea. Longjing is produced in the pictures of Longjing tea in the mountains around Longjing Village, West Lake, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and hence the name. Longjing tea is flat, smooth and straight, with a bright green color, fresh and clear aroma, fresh and mellow taste, and the bottom of the leaves is delicate. It is a flower. 2. Longjing is green tea. Its tea leaves are emerald green in color, beautiful in shape, rich in fragrance, clear and translucent in tea soup, and mellow in taste. It ranks first among the top ten famous teas in China. The main varieties of Longjing include Wuniuzao and Zhenong 13 group varieties, etc. There are three production areas, located in West Lake, Hangzhou and Shaoxing. 3. Longjing tea belongs to green tea, which is an unfermented tea, and the tea is cooler in nature; black tea is a fully fermented tea, and the tea is mild in nature. Longjing tea has the characteristics of green tea with clear soup and green leaves, while black tea is mainly red in dry tea and tea soup. The production process of Longjing tea is picking, drying, rolling, and frying. It belongs to green tea among the six major tea categories. 4. Longjing tea belongs to green tea. Longjing tea belongs to green tea and is a specialty product in Zhejiang Province. It is produced in the mountains around Longjing Village, West Lake, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. West Lake Longjing tea is flat and straight in appearance, emerald green in color, and has a clear and mellow inner quality. When brewed in a cup, the buds and leaves are green in color. It is known for its emerald color, beautiful shape, strong fragrance and mellow taste. 5. Longjing belongs to green tea, which is unfermented tea. Its main production area is the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, which can be generally divided into three types: West Lake Longjing, Qiantang Longjing and Yuezhou Longjing. 6. Longjing tea belongs to green tea. Longjing tea, also known as West Lake Longjing tea, is one of the famous green teas in China, produced in Xihu District and its surrounding areas, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Longjing tea is famous all over the world for its fresh fragrance, sweetness, delicious taste and beautiful shape. Who can tell me the history of Longjing tea and the relevant pictures I picked?? Longjing tea is named after Longjing. Longjing is located at the northwest foot of Wengjia Mountain in the west of the West Lake, which is now Longjing Village. Longjing, formerly known as Longhong, is a circular spring pool that never dries up in severe drought. The ancients believed that the spring was connected to the sea, and there was a dragon in it, so it was called Longjing. Legend has it that Ge Hong in the Jin Dynasty used to make alchemy here. When Emperor Qianlong went to the south of the Yangtze River, he came to the foot of Shifeng Mountain in Longjing Village, Hangzhou. When the old monk of Hugong Temple accompanied Emperor Qianlong to visit the mountains, he suddenly saw several village girls happily picking new buds from eighteen tea trees in front of the temple. , Unconsciously happy, walked quickly into the tea garden, and also learned to pick tea. West Lake Longjing tea is produced in the mountains around the West Lake, among which the tea produced by Shifeng and Longjing tea are of the best quality. This is the end of the introduction of the pictures of Longjing tea. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about the beautiful pictures of Longjing tea and the pictures of Longjing tea, don’t forget to search on this site.

Print out pictures of Longjing tea (beautiful pictures of Longjing tea)

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