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Perfect Parking 2➻Perfect Parking Game

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This article tells you about Perfect Parking 2 and the knowledge points corresponding to Perfect Parking game. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. A list of the content of this article: 1. Perfect parking, come to code and live 2. Is it okay to put a reference object on the car during the test of the third subject? 3. How to park perfectly 4. Basic information of perfect parking 2 Perfect parking, come and code to live 1 , Perfect parking, come and stop. Judging the car distance skillfully and preparing to park perpendicular to the roadside, we stared at the rearview mirror, and when the curb and the lower edge of the rearview mirror coincided, we immediately stepped on the brakes. At this time, the front of the car was exactly 30cm away from the curb on the roadside. 2. Huatai makes a U-turn and parks at the U-turn intersection with an inclination of 45 degrees (make sure you can see the oncoming traffic clearly), and then make a U-turn after observing and confirming that it is safe. (5) Turn left, stop and wait if the light is red, and start when the light is green; if the light is green, you should brake before the stop line. When crossing an intersection, pay attention to avoiding straight vehicles (keep going straight when turning). 3. The last item is to pull over and park, and you can park perfectly if you find the 30 cm leading line. Vehicle speed control: The key to passing the test of the second section is the control of the vehicle speed, that is, the students' control of the clutch. If the speed of the vehicle is too fast, it is easy to miss the best opportunity to correct the direction, and it is difficult to grasp the timing of turning the steering wheel. 4. At the end of the race, Lin Zhendong reached the finish line first, but he did not stop perfectly. On the other side, Zhang Chi, whom everyone was looking forward to, accidentally lost control of his car at the end and rushed directly out of the cliff. Because the plot reversed too quickly, many people ignored the result of the match between Zhang Chi and Lin Zhendong. 5. (15) Finally, don't be obsessed with perfection. Our most direct goal is to pass the test, so as long as you can do the items that do not deduct points during the test, you don't need to pursue perfect parking. You're going to score 100 on the test, which could ruin all your efforts to be perfect. This is a record and experience of my driving test study. Is it okay to put a reference object on the car during the examination of the third subject? 1. Yes. When practicing the third subject of the driving license test, you must find some more reference objects for practice, including taking the commanding height of the wiper as a reference object for straight-line driving, which is completely possible. 2. The reference object for straight-line driving in Subject 3 can assist the vehicle to keep straight-line driving. For example: markings in the middle of the road, roadside lines, curbs. 3. The reference object is another sign to judge whether the vehicle is going straight. The optional reference object depends on the content of the road, for example, the road marking is used as the reference object. The judgment method can be as follows: use the peripheral vision of the eyes to observe the relative position of the road markings and the edge of the vehicle body. If there is a significant deviation, it means that the vehicle is yaw and the direction needs to be corrected. How to park perfectly 1. When the vehicle is moving forward, observe the relationship between the vehicle and the parking space. When the vehicle is in the middle of the extension line of the parking space, turn the steering wheel to the right and reverse slowly, then you can park perfectly. 2. Observe the right rear. When there is no obstacle in front, you can pull over and park. Turn the steering wheel slightly to the right. After pulling over many times, find a good 30cm to park. Tips: Drive the car into the parking lane, straighten the vehicle, and then lean to the right again, two or three times if it fails once, and straighten the car every time. 3. When your body reaches the rear of the car in front, turn the steering wheel to the left and continue to reverse slowly. At this time, the right side of your car is slowly approaching the curb. Slow down and wait for the front right When the wheel basically touches the curb, the steering wheel quickly returns to normal, and at this point, you can stop perfectly. The basic information of Perfect Parking 2 1. Search for the answer I want to ask Baidu know the prompt information know the baby can't find the question_! The question may have expired. 2. After completing the test of subject 2, put the neutral gear first and then pull the handbrake. Not only for the subject 2 test, but also when driving on the road and parking, you should put it in neutral first, and then pull the handbrake. If the handbrake is not released and the gear is engaged, the car will move forward. The handbrake cannot completely stop the car, so you must put the neutral gear first, and then pull the handbrake. This is the basic norm for parking. 3. Prepare to park perpendicular to the roadside. We stare at the rearview mirror. When the curb and the lower edge of the rearview mirror coincide, we immediately step on the brakes. At this time, the front of the car was exactly 30cm away from the curb on the side of the road. This is the end of the introduction of Perfect Parking 2 and Perfect Parking Game, did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Perfect Parking 2➻Perfect Parking Game

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