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How much is the cheapest telephone auto insurance ➢Is the cheapest telephone auto insurance?

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This article list: 1. How much is Ping An’s telephone auto insurance a year? 2. Why is telephone auto insurance cheap? 3. How much is the cheapest telephone auto insurance How much is Ping An’s telephone auto insurance a year ?You can choose to purchase according to your driving needs. In order to provide comprehensive protection for your car, it is recommended to purchase full insurance. Generally, the annual premium of several main insurances and major additional insurances is about 5000-7000. I checked, if you plan to purchase a car insurance from Ping An Insurance, the annual insurance cost should be about 4,000 yuan, I hope the answer can help you. Hello, the current car insurance generally includes compulsory traffic insurance and commercial insurance, and the annual cost is about 5000-6000 yuan. Ping An phone car insurance is indeed cheaper than buying it in a physical store, usually 3,500 yuan a year, but you need to be specific about what kind of insurance you buy. Why telephone auto insurance is cheap Why telemarketing auto insurance is cheap is because telemarketing auto insurance belongs to the company’s direct sales behavior, eliminating the need for intermediate links such as agents and brokers. Get even lower discounts. Underinsurance In order to attract customers with low prices, some telephone insurance companies will quote based on underinsurance. The so-called under-insurance is the insurance that the insurance amount is lower than the guaranteed value. For example, if you bought a car for 100,000 yuan, the phone car insurance will calculate the car insurance as less than 80,000 yuan. Without the help of an insurance company agent, the cost of the agent is saved in terms of expenses, so that we can reduce the cost of purchasing insurance a lot, which is why the telephone car insurance is cheap. In order to save part of the cost for policyholders, Ping An Insurance introduced the method of purchasing insurance by telephone. How much is the cheapest telephone car insurance? 1. Now the general preferential policies of major insurance companies are, but if there is no accident in the previous year, the cost can be reduced by 10% when renewing the insurance. If there is no accident for three consecutive years, then the maximum discount can reach 30%. This is the minimum discount stipulated by the Insurance Regulatory Commission. 2. Hello! In terms of price, telephone auto insurance is often about 15% cheaper than ordinary auto insurance. This is because telephone auto insurance eliminates the need for intermediary agents, and car owners can directly communicate with insurance companies. The cost is lower than ordinary auto insurance, so the premium will also be more affordable . 3. According to the regulations of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, companies with licenses for direct telephone sales of auto insurance require centralized management and unified operation of telephone auto insurance sales, and their quotations can be lowered by 15% under the national minimum 30% discount limit. The insurance rate of telephone auto insurance and online auto insurance is 15% lower than that of traditional auto insurance channels. 4. From June 1, 2006 onwards, the amount of discounts given by insurance companies to policyholders shall not exceed 30% of the benchmark interest rate of auto insurance products. It also means that the minimum discount of the insurance company's commercial auto insurance can only be 30% off. 5. For example, if you bought a car for 100,000 yuan, the telephone auto insurance will calculate the vehicle insurance for you at an amount of 80,000 yuan or less. The value of 100,000 and 80,000 is under the same insurance item, and it must be cheaper than 80,000 when calculating the cost. But when the claim is settled, the insurance company will settle the claim according to the insured amount of 80,000 in the event of a total loss.

How much is the cheapest telephone auto insurance ➢Is the cheapest telephone auto insurance?

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